About Us

The group is one of the first farms to introduce Grandparent Poultry Farming in Bangladesh, producing parent stocks. It is a huge leap in the industry and a great contribution to the economy, helping local farmers to become less dependent on foreign imports of parent stocks.

Mission & Vision

To offer an eco-friendly complete integration of Agro-based industries to respect for their diversity & To bring innovation for a better everyday life for all of us.

Business Operations

From beginning to end Paragon Group is doing it all. The only poultry organization in Bangladesh that runs its production from GP firm to chicken process unit. In the breeder unit Paragon group has its own-

  • Grandparent farm
  • Parent stock unit

Production Capacity

By the number of overall production capacity in poultry industry Paragon Group is one of the biggest.
Grandparent farm: Located in Rajnagar, Moulvibazar, is the only GP firm in Bangladesh. It has a capacity of 50,000 units.
Parent stock unit: Currently Paragon has 10 parent stock unit in 10 different locations. In total company is producing over 10 lakh units in every week. Paragon group is running its production under bellow names:

  • Aqua Breeders
  • Rangpur Poultry
  • Rangpur Poultry (sonali)
  • Shalbahan farms (Unit-1)
  • Shalbahan farms (Unit-2)
  • Bay Chicks
  • Paragon Poultry Ltd
  • Paragon Poultry (Chamiadi project)
  • Paragon Poultry (Haluaghat Parent stock)
  • Denm Poultry Complex


The group have its own delivery system, with numerous vehicles capable of even reaching the last mile customers. And with more than 700 dealers all around the country, the demand for their products never cease.


All of Paragon Group’s poultry production are certified by SGS, the world’s leading independent inspection, verification, testing and certification company for ISO 22000, HACCP Codex Alimentarius and Good Manufacturing Practice certification.


Paragon has its own poultry care lab, where experts working hard to develop the quality of poultry in Bangladesh. To ensure safe source of protein new innovations and research work is going on. Keeping the corporate social responsibilities in mind Paragon is committed to build the best quality of poultry chain in Bangladesh.