About Us

Paragon Group, a name leading in the national market for animal and marine life feed. It is by operation and customer base, one of the largest Argo-based organizations in Bangladesh. Paragon Group has started its feed operations in the year 1996. Their prime drive in their business model is in maintaining and heeding to the social, environmental as well as customer responsibilities which are globally accepted.

Mission & Vision

To achieve quality feed production in Bangladesh, highly filtered superior raw materials are necessary. To maintain this self-set standard, Paragon Group is always trying to maintain and develop its sources to ensure no degradation of quality in the eyes of their customers. And to stand as a socially and environmentally friendly company, Paragon Group continuously tries to improve its operations and seek the best atmosphere for its employees, in process keeping the best of interests for its natural surroundings. After the collection of raw materials from its certified sources, samples are taken and tested in Paragon Group’s on-site laboratories. Specialists check with proper procedures for the quality and consistency of the feed, only giving the go-ahead if the globally recognized standards are met.

Business Operations

In total, Paragon Group runs 16 lines in 6 locations under its concerns. Those are-

  • Paragon Poultry Limited (Feed division), Gazipur.
  • Denm Poultry Limited (Feed division), Kapasia.
  • Paragon Feed Limited, (Unit-2), Savar.
  • Jessore Feed Limited, Jessore.
  • Chittagong Feed Limited, Chattogram.
  • Rangpur Poultry Limited (Feed division), Rangpur.

The company’s operations are spread throughout the country, with plans to expand more operational units in the future.

Product Category

Paragon is producing wide range of feed in Poultry, Fish and Cattle industry.

Poultry– Boiler feed, Layer feed & cattle feed.

Fish– Flouting fish feed & Sinking fish feed

Cattle– Lactating feed & Fattening feed


Paragon Group is always focused on the latest technology for the best outcome. In that process Paragon choose the best technology partner.

  • TRIUMPH ENGINEERING CO. LTD. Triumph Engineering is one of the largest manufacturers of feed mill and industrial machines in Thailand.
    Triumph Engineering is ISO 9001 (TEC) and ISO 9001: 2000 (TSL) certified for using the most sophisticated tools with highest engineering standards in its manufacturing procedures.
  • Wenger Manufacturing Over 80 Years of innovation. Wegner is one of the largest manufacturers of floating feed (Extruded) and industrial machineries in USA.

Wenger remains true to their heritage of innovation, shaping the industry’s future at engineering, manufacturing, research and administrative facilities in Sabetha, Kansas. With offices in Kansas City, Brazil, Turkey, Belgium, India, Taiwan and Beijing, Wenger is truly a global company.


All of Paragon Group’s poultry production are certified by SGS, the world’s leading independent inspection, verification, testing and certification company for ISO 22000, HACCP Codex Alimentarius and Good Manufacturing Practice certification.


Paragon Group provides free technical support to rural farmers for any kind of issues with farming. Experts are always present at Paragon Group production plants, ready at a moment’s notice to be dispatched to farmers in need. Such a service is unique to Paragon group, and it helps the company build long term relationship with its customers.