About Us

Paragon Group is one of the leading Agro-based companies in Bangladesh producing both broiler & layer parent chicks, Commercial Broiler & Layer Chicks, Poultry-Fish-Shrimp Feed, Table Eggs, Tea, Mushroom, Rubber, Organic Fertilizer, Poultry Meat, Bio-Electricity, PP Woven Bags, Solar Panels, LED Light & Poultry Care Services. The Owner of Paragon Group, is also in partnership with Malek Spinning Mills Ltd. a public Limited company, which is the finest and one of the largest integrated spinning mills in Bangladesh.

The phenomenal growth achieved through updated modern technology and new concepts of integrations, harvested a very diverse work place. Allowing you to personalize your carrier in the right direction & with in your comfort zone.

Paragon Group always feels the responsibility to participate in the development of the agriculture sector in Bangladesh by taking the opportunity to fulfill the demand gap of different agricultural products. Paragon is the pioneer in establishing Grand Parent Poultry Farm for both Broiler & Layer, by which reduced the country's dependency on import operations substantially. Contributing to the national economy by cutting down the foreign expenses for importing Day Old Parent Chicks.

Environment and conservation of nature has always been in mind of Paragon Group. That is why, it emphasized on poultry waste management, producing Bio-fertilizers from poultry waste and and PV Solar Plant assembling Solar modules. Both the projects designed to generate "Green Electricity".

  • Animal Feed & Fish Feed
  • Poultry Farming
  • Tea Plantation
  • Rubber Production
  • Organic Fertilizer
  • Bio-Electricity
  • Solar Panels
  • Poly Propylene Woven Bags
  • LED Lights
  • Poultry Care Services
  • Poultry Care Laboratories
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