Plast Fiber

About Us

Paragon Plast Fiber Ltd. founded in the Year 2007, is located in Baniarchala, Bhabanipur Gazipur, Dhaka. Paragon Plast Fiber Ltd, is a pioneer manufacturer of WPP, FIBC, Garments Poly Bag, Technology and next-generation packaging services. We are proud to serve clients across the globe to outperform the competition and stay ahead of the latest packaging innovation curve, with the help of competitive pricing and modern innovation. It has created a sensational impact on the global FIBC market due to the quality of our products. We strictly maintain CSR and environmental policies in every occasion.

Using skilled manpower and state-of-the-art machinery (Lohia, India, Taiwan), with ISO 9008, other international certifications, we offer one-stop quality solutions to our end users.

Mission & Vision

In this era of mass production, as it is very hard to stand out with one product, Paragon Plast Fiber Ltd. focuses on making the best in all sectors. Any company’s vision is actually the dream to which the company always strives to reach where it may become possible or not. Paragon Plast Fiber Ltd. is not something different. Expanding the business in the abroad and becoming one of the market leaders internationally are the visions of Paragon Plast Fiber Ltd.
 The mission of Paragon Plast Fiber Ltd. is to be the market leader through their best effort, suitable and competitive marketing strategy and the consumers support. Now they are in the position of challenger and their vision focuses on those missions, goals and objectives which will make them able to be the leader from the challenger to the leader in the market.

Business Operations

Paragon Plast Fiber Ltd (Unit-1) founded in the Year 2007 is located in Baniarchala, Bhabanipur Gazipur, Dhaka.

Number of Employee500

Machinery Quantity Capacity
Tape Plant Lorex – 1400 2 400 ton/ Month
Loom M/C with Winder (Lohia) 76 40 Lac Meter/Month
Printing (Auto) 5 (five color auto print) 50 Lac Pcs/Month
Lamination Plant 2 45 Lac Meter/Month
Auto Cutting & Sewing & liner Insertion 2 45 Lac Meter/Month
Finish Goods   50 Lac Pcs/ Month

Paragon Plast Fiber Ltd. (Unit-2) founded in the Year 2016, is located in Baniarchala, Bhabanipur Gazipur, Dhaka. Through unremitting optimization and improvement, it has achieved extended production scale and a complete range of categories, and developed into a professional manufacturer local & export-oriented Garments Poly Bag.

Machinery Quantity Capacity
HDPE 4 60 ton/ Month
LDPE 5 70 ton/Month
PP 1 10 ton/ Month
Printing (Auto) 2 (4 color auto print) 50 Lac Pcs/Month
Side Sealing 2  
Bottom Sealing 2  
Multifilament Yarn 1 20 ton/Month
Number of Employee 50  

Product category

Poly bag: PE poly, PE Garments poly, Hanger poly, Roll poly, Hope poly, flower poly.
Multifilament: Export quality twisted multifilament.
Woven bag: Fertilizer bag, Fish bag, Poultry bag, Sugar bag, Textile bag, Transparent bag.
Export bag: U shape cross corner bag, Standard big bag, Buffle bag, U shape bag, Cross corner bag, Single loop bag

Our Buyer List

H&M, C&A, Primark, Celio, Ostin, Zara, POP, Esprit, Target USA, Target AUS, Big Star, S. Oliver, New Look, , Wool Worth, GAP, Otto-Bon, SRG, Tom Tailor, Bel & Bo, Jordache, Petter England, Van Cranenbroek, Reitmans, M & Co, Splendid, Notting Hill, Caribbean Jeo, Kangol, TricoT, Cofra, Sargent Major, Concept Club, Costco, Renuar, Jeco, Aldi, Etc.