Renewable Energy

About Us

Bangladesh is striving to become a developed nation by 2041, and renewable energy is expected to play a significant role in the energy sector. In an effort to contribute to the sustainable development of the country, Paragon has established its renewable energy wing, Parasol Energy Limited.

Mission & Vision

In a joint venture with Symbior, a world-renowned energy company, Paragon has successfully established a 10 MW grid tied solar project.  Parasol is also sharing technical activities with Symbior.

Business Operations

Parasol has a 210 KW mini grid solar project in an island in Kushtia, Bangladesh. Parasol has successfully completed the first industrial rooftop solar energy project, with a capacity of 2 MW at different farms of Paragon Poultry Limited.

Paragon is also awaiting for the LOI from BPDB for a 50 MW grid tied Solar project at Netrokona district. A consortium consisting of 3 partners ( Paragon 65% shareholdings-lead member), Risen Energy Ltd. ( Hong Kong, 20%-operating member) and CRESL another local partner having 15% shareholding. The COD of the project will be DEC, 2021.

Paragon also submitted an unsolicited proposal for a 25MW grid tied solar project at BPDB. The initial work is going on. 

Product category

Paragon implemented Bio Gas plants in all its poultry projects and that now produce 1 MWh collectively, which regenerates and are given back to the projects. Reduction of Carbon emissions, waste converted to electricity & high quality organic fertilizer, is an integral part of the poultry sheds.

Future Plan

Paragon converting its farm waste into electricity and organic fertilizer in 6/7 own installations from the beginning and consuming the electricity and the fertilizer for its own operations. Paragon believes in preservation of environment and working to find out the effective ways & means for the industries of the country to reduce industrial carbon footprint. Producing green electricity from solar power plants consuming for its own farms and supplying to the national grid and also offering the systems for others. Paragon is installing power generation plants in various locations of the country, after completion of those projects the total production will be of 60MW green electricity within 2021.