Who we are

Paragon is a platform of diversity integration in the field of business. As of 2020 it has business in 13 different sectors in about 21 different companies. Paragon outfits are dispersed in 60 plus locations of the country. Our businesses demand the blending of experts, professionals, consultants, investors and hard-working executives to transform the thoughts in to a reality following the internationally accepted process.

Paragon deals with mostly food, feed, nutrition and eco energy in the business. It has a respectable contribution in the national GDP and in the hearts and mind of the farmers. It has direct contribution in improving the nutrition standard of the human and animal in Bangladesh. 

Paragon is matured now through a geometric growth for last 30 years. The group is expanding further qualitatively and quantitatively. The group is aiming to be the leading producer and marketer of poultry and feed by 2025.