Renewable Energy

Sympa Solar Power Limited is a renewable energy company committed to providing clean and sustainable energy solutions. Our focus is on harnessing the power of the sun to create cost-effective and eco-friendly energy options for our customers. We specialize in designing, building, and operating solar power plants across the country. Our team of experts works closely with clients to provide customized solutions that meet their energy needs while reducing their carbon footprint. We are dedicated to creating a greener tomorrow by promoting the use of renewable energy sources. At Sympa Solar Power Limited, we believe in creating a brighter future for all.

Business Operation

Sympa Solar Power Limited, a joint venture company of Symbior Solar and Paragon Group established the ‘Tetulia 8MW (AC) solar PV Power Plant’ in Tetulia, Panchaghar (26.483277 N, 88.409462 E). Using Paragon’s poultry farm and its open area as the base, this solar farm is using space-efficient east-west installation method to utilize the free spaces along with rooftop facilities. The project was implemented under a 20-year PPA singed with Power Development Board of Bangladesh (BPDB) on 12th May 2018. This 8MW project is generating clean energy and supplying it to the national grid.

Major components present at the power plant:
1. PV module
2. Inverter
3. AC combiner box
4. Transformer
5. Static Var generator (SVG)
6. Lightning protection system (LPS)
7. Solar radiation measurement equipment

System description & Status of the plant

37,512nos panels with a capacity of 275Wp gives over 10MWp of DC power. 33 panels make 1 string and 12 strings are connected to 1 inverter. Total 96nos inverters with a capacity of 90KW are present making the total capacity of the system over 8MW. All the inverter’s output goes into the AC combiner box and then to the transformer. The transformer steps up the voltage level and supplies the power to national grid. The Static Var Generator is connected via SF6 circuit breaker with the grid. It is there for reactive power compensation in the 33KV grid. If there is a voltage drop or power loss noticed, maintenance team starts the generator and connects it by switching on the breaker manually.

The plant has an area of 37.62 acres under single ownership. PPA with BPDB was singed at 12th May 2018 and commercial operation of the plant started from 24th July 2019. The solar plant is connected with Tetulia substation by an automatic circuit recloser (ACR). To supply the power to grid, a 33KV transmission line is used from the power plant to the substation. Following observations were made:

1. An average daily generation of 32 MWh is found for last 1 year
2. Average monthly generation is around 965 MWh.
3. Total generation of 2020 was 11580 MWh
4. Highest efficiency of the modules is found around 26-27˚C
5. Highest generation in a year was in month of March 2020 which is around 1244.8 MWh
6. There is dust and soil IQ measurement system available at site
7. According to Sympa authority, the earthing value is 0.25 ohms at the site
8. Monthly consumption for maintenance equipment is around 2MWh
9. Pyranometer data is recorded for every 1 minute
10. Generation, transformer and solar radiation data are easily accessible through software.
11. There is a dedicated operation and maintenance team present in the plant. They are monitoring
the system and troubleshooting as necessary in a satisfactory way.
12. Cleaning crew is cleaning the whole system once in every 25 days
13. Breeder farm’s connection is from NESCO which is separate from SYMPA solar power plant.