To response to call of responsibility Paragon feels for civic duty for the welfare of the society and the environment for maintaining of balance between economic growth and ecosystems. Paragon developed a CSR framework for needy meritorious students through HOPES, oral & dental health support for rural school children partnering with JICA & a Japanese Dental institute, providing school feeding for village schools, contributing to Special Olympics movement for physical & intellectual challenged children & adults, constructing schools and religious centers etc..


  1. Boiled Egg, Banana and Snacks is distributing among the students and teachers of 17 Primary Schools and 2 Hafizia Madrasha. Distribution frequency is twice in a week on a regular basis.
  2. Arrange Dental Camp for dental treatment and distributing tooth brush and tooth paste. In every 4 month we arrange this Dental Camp.
  3. A permanent dental clinic has been established to ensuring the dental treatment of students and peoples and living nearby.
  4. Ensuring the pure drinking water and Sanitation system.
  5. We are arranging the monthly salary of few Teacher of these area’s school, so that availability of Teacher in the schools and the teacher-student ration keep balanced.
  6. Chicken Meat is being distributing in different orphanage.
  7. Ensuring electricity by own generator.
  8. Different maintenance works is going on in a regular basis of different orphanages, schools, roads and prayers’ locations.