Tea Estates & Horticulture

In 2001, Paragon took its first leap towards developing tea gardens by inheriting forest lands and gradually cultivating 800 acres of tea gardens.

Producing BOP, PD, Dust & Exotic Tea which is mostly exported and a small share sold nationally supplied through retail & modern trade sales.

The Horticulture wing was launched with two naturally ventilated greenhouse in 2017. Gerbera, one of the most popular flowers in the world along with exotic fruits and vegetables are being harvested in this project.

Business Operation

Paragon has four different plant for Tea cultivation. All units located in Sylhet. Paragon has its own delivery chain through which it is delivering its products to consumers end. Currently processing

  • Tea Packing Unit capacity: 100 ton production capacity per day.

Product Category

In Paragon Agro’s process & further process unit, varieties of product are being processed in different form. Like

Tea Packing unit: Tea BOP, Tea PD, Tea CD, Tea DUST, Exotic Tea, Tea Bag etc

Business Units

Tea Estates

1.      Hazinagar Tea Estate, Mouluvibazar

2.      Rahmania Tea Estate, Mouluvibazar

3.      Fatehabad Tea Estate, Mouluvibazar

4.      Voban Tea Estate, hobigong